Thursday, 26 March 2015

What is Market Between the Mountains?

The question came up last week and has been rolling around in my head since.

It is a totally legit question and the answer should just pour out of me without much thought. I have after all, spent the last four months putting together the concept in a schmancy business plan type of formula and have it all coming together nicely in my mind.

So, why is it so hard to materialize it into a tidy little statement when asked?

Simply put … it is just a place to showcase all the local awesomeness that I know we are surrounded by here in the Annapolis Valley & hopefully make it easy for shoppers to find what they need/want/desire. Simplify it for the local consumers so they can keep their money in their community and grow businesses worthy of the support.

So there it is, all rolled up into a neat and tidy little paragraph. That shouldn’t have been so difficult, but honestly it feels so much more than that and so full of potential that to put it so simply seems an injustice. And, this is where things derailed during my first approach to explain Market Between the Mountains. I rambled, I provided an abundance of information and everything in my oodles of pages of planning came spilling out in a messy and complicated jumble of an answer.

It’s marketing and social media awareness. It’s advertising and supporting our neighbors. It’s a cozy meeting place in a cozy little town for businesses and people alike. Its fun & supportive hype centered on shopping local.

And more…..

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